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We can do a free battery- and alternator check for you at our garage and if you do need a new car battery Handsworth, we can advise you on which one is the right one (there are many different sizes and brands available on the market which can make buying a new battery a rather difficult task).

We have many different brands like Bosch, Varta, Lion, Exide, Lucas Banner and much more available in all standard sizes so that we will find the perfect battery for your car’s requirements - and for your budget. All our car battery Handsworth are of high quality, and many of them come with a three- or even a four-year warranty.

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If you are not too far away from us and urgently need your vehicle’s battery replaced, please give us a call. We will do our best to come to you to help.


The task of the battery is to store electrical energy and to supply the vehicle’s electrical system, so all electrical components, with voltage. In modern vehicles, the battery is not only needed for starting the engine. It also has to supply a multitude of electrical consumers. In particular, the following comfort elements and safety systems require additional energy from the battery:

  • Air conditioner
  • Radio/CD
  • Seat heaters
  • Anti-lock braking system
  • ESP®

These cannot be covered by the pure power of the alternator. This is especially true against the background that there is increased traffic in the cities and thus the performance of the alternator is reduced.


With new powertrain systems, such as start-stop and hybrid vehicles, the battery is facing new demands in terms of performance and reliability. Truck batteries also have special requirements for the starter battery: they require particularly high vibration and cycle stability.


For a lead-acid battery to deliver power, the positive build up car battery ground (lead dioxide) and the negative ground (lead) must be in direct contact with dilute sulfuric acid.


The smallest unit of the battery is the cell. It contains positive and negative plates which are separated by so-called "separators" (insulators). The more plate volume the cell contains, the greater is its capacity, i.e. the amount of electricity it can deliver.

Sulfuric acid

Besides the cell, the battery contains diluted sulfuric acid. This penetrates into the plates and separators and fills the cavities. As a result, the lead dioxide or lead particles are constantly in direct contact with acid. The acid in the cell is thus partly in the plates and separators, partly outside the plates. The latter serves as an acid reservoir and power line within the cell.


When the battery is paired with a consumer, power will be applied. This discharges the battery. The electrons move from the negative to the positive plate. To make up for this process, sulfate ions migrate from the electrolyte to the negative plate. There they become lead sulphate together with the lead. From the lead dioxide on the positive plate to form water also lead sulphate, by sulphate and hydrogen ions are consumed.

For charging, the battery is coupled to a DC power source. As a result, the flow of electrons is transferred from the positive to the negative plate. This flow of electrons causes a reduction of the lead sulfate at the negative plate. On the positive plate, the lead sulfate becomes electron-donating and oxygen atoms become lead dioxide. Sulfuric acid is produced in the liquid, and the amount of water decreases.

Our tip:

To achieve maximum battery life, proper maintenance and care are required. This includes keeping the battery clean and dry at all times.


If the battery is to be shut down due to prolonged disuse, it must be stored in a charged, upright, cool and dry place. If it remains in the vehicle, the negative terminal should be disconnected. Also,the protective cap should be left on the positive pole. The state of charge must be checked regularly and corrected if necessary by reloading.


Modern starter batteries are very safe. Nevertheless, some aspects must be considered to ensure optimal safety.


When fitting the battery yourself, make sure that the battery is firmly installed. Degassing holes must not be covered or exposed to extreme contamination. Aged batteries should be replaced in good time as gassing increases significantly with ageing batteries. Before installing and removing, all consumers must be switched off, so that sparking is excluded. When disconnecting the connections, the ground cable must be removed first. When connecting, make this connection last. With this measure, the risk of short circuit is prevented by tools.

Environmental Protection

Since 01.12.2009 the new battery law (BattG) of the European Union is in force. This affects all companies that produce, import and thus trade in or install batteries. The core of this law is the professional and qualified labelling of batteries, as well as the environmentally friendly and sustainable disposal of used batteries. Batteries and accumulators should be collected and disposed of properly. According to the BattG, the use of pollutants in production, in particular, cadmium, as well as collection volumes and take-back rates are specified for the manufacturer.

Batteries must be uniformly labelled so that it is easy to see that they contain harmful substances and are not household waste. The sign of the crossed-out wheeled bin, and the indication of lead (Pb) indicate pollutants. Old vehicle batteries must, therefore, be sold at stores or in workshops.

Lead-acid batteries are very easy to recycle. The raw materials are used for the production of new batteries.

Here at the Vicky Tyres, we will dispose of your old car battery Handsworth after we have fitted your new one. So you don’t need to worry about it.

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