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Are you looking for Wheel Balancing for your vehicle?


A balance of mind and soul is necessary to live a good life. Similarly, a car needs to be well balanced to keep going as you want it to. Everything that is manufactured by machines isn’t accurate and might need to be rectified, even if it is a small correction. Our experts have developed skills to correct any imbalance issues efficiently.

Your wheels are an important part of your car which is responsible for providing your car with mobility. Wheels are manufactured on machines and are often spotted to have minor imbalances. These imbalances, if not corrected, can do more damage than just make your ride rough. We, at Vicky Tyres, can help you avoid any discomfort during the rides and promise to provide you with the best capabilities of your car.

Imbalanced wheels are often easy to spot, as when the car moves at a high speed, the wheels wobble and not rotate as they are supposed to be.

Your car tyres lose their performance abilities much faster than they otherwise would. They get damaged continuously and lose their gripping abilities. Our skilful technicians, at Vicky Tyres, can help you use the full potential of your tyres and be free from the fear of weak and wobbling wheels.

There are several reasons that call for wheel balancing Handsworth after the car has gone through any of them. You might need to take your car for wheel balancing if you’ve bought new tyres, tyres wear unevenly, steering is not returning to its original position smoothly, or when the suspension components are replaced. If you have an angled steering wheel when driving straight or if your car drifts to one side, you should take your car to get the wheels balanced. And why take it anywhere else when you can get it checked by experts at Vicky Tyres. We make sure that you are satisfied with our services and you will feel the difference in the performance level of the car as well.

Wheel balancing Handsworth is done by rotating the wheel on a machine and the rotation is observed on a computer. Wherever an imbalance is spotted, the technician applies adhesive weights on the other side of the wheel to counter it. This process is repeated until no more imbalances are spotted on the wheels. Our experts, at Vicky Tyres, take the extra step and make sure to double-check the wheels for any errors that might have missed their eyes the first time.

We, at Vicky Tyres, train our experts, extensively, to ensure that they deliver nothing less than perfection. We also make sure to help them lighten their workload by providing them with the best pieces of equipment. We do so to ensure that they work efficiently as well as work more easily. They are proficient at their job and some of the best in the city to take care of your car. Visit us and we’ll make sure that the work is done as per your need and satisfaction.

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