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Michelin Tyres

    If you’re wondering which tyre to get for your brand new car, let us present to you the best option that is out there; the Michelin car tyres. Standing tall amongst today’s leading tyre manufacturing giants like Bridgestone, Pirelli and Dunlop, and Michelin is one of the most favourite brands at Vicky Tyres in Handsworth.

    Michelin’s legacy

    When you think of reliability, quality and longevity, Michelin tyres Handsworth exceed all existing parameters. Let’s take a ride on the time machine, and see how they came to be the legend that they are today.

    Michelin was born in 1889 when Edouard and André Michelin found issues in repairing a bicycle tyre.

    They saw the need for a pneumatic tyre and thus embarked on a journey to create the best ranges of tyres for the global market.

    After their initiation, Michelin rose to fame owing to their contribution towards motorsports. Over the years, they have achieved a lot in the world of competitive racing. Let’s take a brief glance at Michelin’s accomplishments –

  • Today, Michelin car tyres are sponsoring the FIA Formula E Championship (world’s first electric car racing).
  • Using their 150 years of expertise, the brand today uses advanced technologies in their cars like Michelin ‘EverGrip’. Their team consists of 350 eminent scientists who innovate such technologies with expertise.
  • Research states, in the UK every 12 minutes, a car using Michelin wheels passes by. So, if you too want to get yourself these authentic tyres, contact Vicky Tyres or order your Michelin tyres online.
  • Michelin secured 23 wins in Le Mans within 24 hours.
  • For rally races, Michelin secured sports cars have a record of winning more than 21 driver championship titles.
  • Michelin’s Dakar category won 16 races.
  • Michelin at Vicky Tyres

    At Vicky Tyres in Handsworth, we bring to you the best collection of Michelin car tyres at the most pocket-friendly rates. You can’t compare our prices with any retailer in the vicinity. From performance tyres to 4X4’s unique tread patterns, or tyres with 3D sipes, we got it all. Visit us at Vicky Tyres or check our collection while shopping for Michelin tyres online.

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