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    Bridgestone, without a doubt, is the largest tyre manufacturing company in the world. The company has been around in the industry for a very long time. Tyres have become synonymous for every major motorsport company. Be it F1, Indy Car, etc. these motorsport events involve huge stacks of cash, coupled with sponsorship, expensive vehicles, big teams and an energetic crowd. Bridgestone doesn’t just cover major motorsport events; it also includes the commercial market that is filled to the brim with normal day-to-day vehicles.

    Another reason why Bridgestone ranks number one worldwide is the fact that it has a reliable service record. The tyres manufactured by the company have been standing the test of time. Light vehicles like cars and SUVs use regular tyres while heavier vehicles like trucks and buses use heavy-duty tyres. Bridgestone manufactures a wide range of all-weather tyres that are reliable for terrains that test the might of the best machines on the planet.

    Reasons for tyre damage

    Tyres are made of rubber and some additional components, most of the parts are either rubber or its derivatives. If you think about the punishment braved by the tyres daily, then you’ll come to know that tyres do brave a lot of things that the frame or the engine block would not be able to bear.

    Damage can be caused due to a ton of reasons; most of these reasons are fairly simple and do not involve rocket science. The damage to the tyre can be caused by rough terrain, high speeds, rash driving, weather conditions, pressure difference, and heat through friction.

    Why us?

    Vicky Tyres is your best bet when it comes to narrowing down to a service provider in Handsworth that can provide the most promising tyre solutions. We not only have an extensive range of Bridgestone tyres Handsworth but also ensure that you obtain their services from us. This means all the hassles related to purchasing a supreme quality tyre gets sidelined when you’re investing your money in a reputable servicing centre like us.

    Our experts remain innately watchful for any ailments your vehicle might be facing. This assists us in ensuring that your car is fitted with the most suitable tyre that goes hand-in-hand with the performance requirements and the budget. Hence, finding Bridgestone tyres Handsworth have become easier than ever before.

    Although you can get Bridgestone tyres Handsworth from a myriad of stores, what sets us apart is the after-sale service. Subsequently, our team of experts aid the process of getting any necessary repairs needed quickly and efficiently. Since we’ve been an industry leader in the automobile servicing industry, our customer reviews and testimonials will render an exhaustive rundown of how genuinely we strive for customer satisfaction. So, wait no more. Call our customer care executives to register your slot today.

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