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    Goodyear is one of the leaders in today’s automobile industry. Presently employing 64,000 people in various cities around the globe, Goodyear has a total of 48 facilities in more than 22 countries.

    So, if you’re looking for a reliable tyre manufacturer who can ensure your safety and a thrill-packed ride, check out Goodyear’s products at Vicky Tyres. We are one of the largest retailers of Goodyear car tyres location. From 4X4’s, SUV, Vans, and passenger cars, we sell a variety of tyres equipped with the latest Goodyear technologies at pocket-friendly prices.

    Goodyear tyre breakthroughs –

    Well, in case you’re wondering whether purchasing Goodyear car tyres will give you a valuable buy, check out these breakthroughs which speaks volumes why picking Goodyear as your goodyear tyres Handsworth is a wise bet -

  • Goodyear was the first inventor of the detachable tyres in 1904.
  • Launched the first Rut-proof(off-road) SUV car tyres in 1921.
  • Goodyear car tyres came up with LifeGuard in 1934, which offers complete stability during blowouts.
  • One of the most noteworthy accomplishments by Goodyear was that their tyres were used in the rover that went to the moon.
  • Another accomplishment by Goodyear was winning the 350 Formula 1 race.
  • Post-2012, Goodyear played a leading role in EU tyre labelling.
  • Presently Goodyear is on its way to revolutionising the history of car tyres with their Spherical tyre – the EAGLE-360. This concept tyre will use artificial intelligence to gather data on the road and alert drivers about changing road conditions. Additionally, this tyre will adapt depending on road surfaces.
  • With all these accomplishments at their wake, choosing Goodyear is a reliable investment. You can get your choice of Goodyear, like Vector 4Seasons Gen-2 or Eagle F1 Asymmetric 3 from Vicky Tyres at the best prices. To catch a glimpse of our collection, browse through the website if you plan to buy your Goodyear tyres Handsworth online. You can also visit Vicky Tyres in Handsworth, and our experienced technicians will be there to help you. Book an appointment today and let us expand your driving experience many-fold.

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