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One of the fundamental parts of your vehicle are its tyres, and it can lead to numerous problems if they are not of the recommended size. It is because different cars require different sizes of tyres to fit their wheels correctly and this “size” is mentioned in the car manual that you get when you purchase a vehicle.

One might face these following problems if tyre size is not matching its respective car-

  • Your vehicle becomes prone to rollover.
  • Difficulty in steering and braking.
  • Compromised stability.
  • Failing the MOT test.
  • Increased chances of accidents.
  • Reduction in effective gear ratio.

Thus, we do not recommend you to fit car tyres of any size other than what the car manufacturer has suggested. This mishap could happens quite often if you do not visit a professional garage like ours. When you buy car tyres from Vicky Tyres, you get the ideal units for your vehicle.

Both car owners and garage technicians must know the crux of the alphanumeric code that denotes a tyre’s size. So, before you buy new car tyres, learn how a car tyre size should be read.

How to understand tyre size?

For example, if the size of a tyre is P 205/65 R16 95V

  • Here the number “205” denotes its width in millimetres. That is this particular tyre’s width is 205mm.
  • After that here number “65” represents the height of the sidewall in millimetres. It is the ratio of the respective unit’s cross-section to its given width. So, a car with a profile 65 has a height equal to 65 percent of its width.
  • Here “R” represents the type of tyre construction, which means that this unit has radial construction. This letter can also be “D” that is rarely used if the tyre has a diagonal construction.
  • In this example “16” is very crucial as it represents the rim diameter of this unit. It is denoted in inches that is for this tyre its wheel rim diameter is 16 inches.
  • After the number “16”, “95” denotes its load index of this unit, that is how much weight this tyre can sustain when it is at its optimum condition. This number is just an index, and you will have to refer to an index table to know the weight in kg/tyre. For this example, the tyre in concern can carry a load of 690kg/tyre.
  • Lastly here the letter “V” denotes the maximum speed a tyre can sustain or its speed rating index. Again to understand the actual speed, you will have to consult its respective index table. In this particular case, the maximum speed is 240KM/h or 149miles/h.

Don’t worry if this sounded complicated. The tyre configurator on our website makes buying tyres a lot easier. Type in your car’s reg.-number and we do the rest. All you need to do. is choose the tyre brand you like.

So, quit searching “tyres near me” and directly get in touch with Vicky Tyres.

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